The safest way to guarantee sale and purchase protection.


This model issue of The Time Machine is available exclusively from Granite City Mechanician, Aberdeen, Scotland and in this case, sourced only through a website.  One cannot help but to have doubting suspicions buying anything sight-unseen through the internet especially if the item is an expensive one.  For these reasons a reliable third party escrow service has been chosen to insure the buyer is happy with the product before payment is made and that the seller receives payment after the mutually agreed transaction contract is fulfilled.


Anpa Forward Ltd. – who are authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) and approved by the Metropolitan Police of London – offer a transaction safe-holding account service called “transpact”.  Learn about Anpa Forward/transpact at


Here is a synopsis of the process in setting up a transpact holding account:


We both, as buyer and seller, go onto the Transpact website, and using verifiable email addresses to link them together, open an account.


A contract, linked to the account, is made specifying the terms for a mutually satisfying transaction.


When both parties are satisfied with the terms of the contract, the buyer begins the transaction by making payment into the holding account in the currency chosen.  For British Sterling and US dollars the account is held in London.  For Euros the account is held in Ireland.


I trust we would have made contact before any transaction is made so that I may, at least, answer any questions you may have.


There is a transpact fee when payment is made; £5.98 for Sterling, $19.98 for US dollars and €6.98 for Euros. Granite City Mechanician will pay for half of this payment fee.


Instalment payments can be made into the account but there is a full  transpact fee required on each payment of the chosen currency.  These additional fees will be the buyer’s responsibility.  However, if the buyer can state in the contract the number of instalments to be made up to total Machine price, then each transpact fee is reduced to two-thirds.


The Machine price is £5300 British Pounds Sterling.  If paying in a different currency the amount in that currency must be the equivalent to £5300 BPS.


Delivery of the Machine to the place you choose is included in the price.


If the delivery destination is farther than 5300 miles (8530km) from Aberdeen then an adjusted and agreed upon surcharge will be added to the Machine price.


I hand carry the Machine to its assigned destination in good faith.  When upon the presentation of your Machine you decide not to accept it, your money is returned to you from the transpact account.  If this were to be the scenario, £800 (or its equivalent in other currencies) would be non-refundable as partial recompense toward delivery expense.


No Machine has ever been refused.