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The price of the Machine, international power supply, travel box and hand delivery to any specified destination within a 5300mile radius (8530 km) from Aberdeen, Scotland is £5300 U.K. pounds Sterling or the equivalent in other currencies at the time of delivery.


The chosen way of payment is through the London based international third-party escrow agency; Anpa Forward Ltd. using their “transpact” service. Using this service you retain the right to say “no thank you” after your inspection of your Machine which is placed on a table in front of you. As the payment monies are held in the Transpact account, the full payment is returned to you by them if you are unhappy with the product. However, I will retain £800 as partial recompense toward delivery expense. As the “buyer and seller”, we specify the terms and conditions for a satisfying transaction between ourselves. These conditions are then submitted on a contract to be held in our Transpact account.

To investigate Anpa Forward Ltd., click onto their website link found on the “CONTACT GRANITE CITY MECHANICIAN” page below. On the same page there is also a basic explanation on how the Transpact service works.

Production of this meticulously engineered, hand assembled Machine cannot be rushed, but as a numbered subscriber within this production you will be kept informed with estimated delivery time updates as we progress toward your number.  You will know when work begins, and then, after it is completed, I will contact you and arrange a time and place to present you with your Machine.

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    Contact GRANITE CITY MECHANICIAN to register your interest and to have your questions answered.

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    As the buyer and seller we establish a transpact contract for mutual transaction satisfaction.

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    While your Machine is being made, you will be able to receive updates on progress and the projected delivery date as your Machine nears completion.

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    Each Machine is hand-carried to its destination to be presented at the time and place agreed upon.

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    The Machine is presented in person for your approval.

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    You notify transpact to release payment to Granite City Mechanician if you are satisfied with the transaction, or you notify transpact to return your payment back to you minus the pre-established delivery recompense.


Smartly Packaged

Cushioned by foam inserts inside a sturdy cardboard box the well made yet fragile Machine can be safely transported, by an aware individual. This way of personal delivery has proven to be the most efficient, economical and safest method of shipment. The alternative is to send it through an insured freighter of fine art whose charges are quite disproportionate to the price of the Machine.  Furthermore, they do not guarantee safe delivery, they will only insure it.


At well over four-hundred and sixty hours to make, an insurance pay-out is very poor compensation for a broken Machine as the value of these works is so much more than their price.


Personal Delivery

Personal delivery also provides the opportunity to meet. I must admit that I derive a great amount of job satisfaction in presenting the anticipated Time Machine to its recipient. I especially enjoy seeing the expression on their face the moment the Machine is placed on the table in front of them, and then again when the power is switched on.

Delivery Costs

Flight air fare and overnight accommodation are expenditures funded from the Machine sales price of £5300, provided that the point of delivery is within a 5300 mile (8530 km) radius from Aberdeen – excluding the North Pole (2273 miles/3658 km).  If beyond this radius then an adjusted and agreed upon surcharge will be added to the Machine price.

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The safest way to guarantee sale and purchase protection.

This model issue of The Time Machine is available exclusively from Granite City Mechanician, Aberdeen, Scotland and in this case, sourced only through this website.  One cannot help but to have doubting suspicions buying anything sight-unseen through the internet especially if the item is an expensive one.  For these reasons a reliable third party escrow service has been chosen to insure the buyer is happy with the product before payment is made and that the seller receives payment after the mutually agreed transaction contract is fulfilled.


Anpa Forward Ltd. – who are authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) and approved by the Metropolitan Police of London – offer a transaction safe-holding account service called “transpact”.  Learn about Anpa Forward/transpact at transpact.com or click here for a synopsis of the process.