Instantly recognizable, with a long standing popularity of over sixty years, the intricate and exquisite Time Machine is the most enduring and beautiful of Hollywood’s science fiction vehicles.


Since its appearance in George Pal’s 1960 motion picture the idea of time travel has become almost as an acceptable concept as travel to distant stars. This is the remarkable machine that took many of us along with Rod Taylor on our first cinematic journey through time.


There have been other depictions of time machines since then, but none other than this extravagant yet elegant Victorian can inspire the imaginings and wonder of movement within the fourth dimension as the original classic Time Machine.


Available only from Granite City Mechanician this extraordinary and graceful Machine is offered as a high quality “working” scale model in a numbered limited edition of 140 for world-wide distribution.


Each Machine is made to order and is assigned an edition number once the commissioning protocol has been established. The method of using a valid and well-founded escrow service is a way to insure safety and satisfaction for both buyer and seller when transaction of an expensive item is sourced through the internet.


For details, see “ORDER & DELIVERY”.

EIGHT YEARS of research and development culminate to combine technology and craftsmanship, precision engineering and the skills of the jeweller/silversmith with microprocessor circuitry. This visually captivating Machine holds the eye as you follow its curves and intricate composition. In a darkened room the warm glow from the light ports, the flashing of the passage lights and the revolving of the reflective copper dish at 97rpm makes a display that is impossible to ignore.


These fascinating Machines cannot but increase in value as a rare and desirable collectable once the edition number is fulfilled and their production terminates.


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Constructed from copper, brass, Swiss pear wood and cast metal. Unique bespoke tools and jigs were fabricated to form, shape and fit the model’s components.  The Machine, taking over 460 hours to hand finish and assemble, is truly a electro-mechanical work of art.


Established 1985, Aberdeen, Scotland.
Founded by George Chaides, managing director.

*all images of the Time Machine in this website are of the actual model.